Open Living Labs - ENoLL: The European Network of Living Labs

The network of partnering organizations includes:


Virtech Ltd
The VirtSOI host organization VirTech (Virtual Technologies) Ltd. is a Bulgarian private company specialized in research and development of applications of the advanced communication and information technologies.

Astea Solutions AD
Astea designs and develops proprietary and open source software products with global market potential in the electronic publishing field. The company works closely with Sofia University’s Faculty for Mathematics and Informatics and Laboratory for Interactive Multimedia.

Research organizations and university centers

Centre of IST, Sofia University (CIST)
The Centre of Information Society Technologies (CIST) is an interdisciplinary research and training institution of Sofia University, motivated by the challenge to support the development, introduction and wide use of Information Society Technologies (IST).

Institute of Technology and Development (ITD)
The Institute of Technology and Development (ITD) Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization motivated by the challenge to support the development of innovative ideas and technology transfer. It is designed to strengthen the academia-industry linkages, to raise the knowledge and innovation culture and entrepreneurial spirit of young people.

NGOs and professional associations

Agency for Sustainable Development and Euro-integration (ASDE)
THE AGENCY FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND EUROINTEGRATION - ECOREGIONS /ASDE/ is a non-governmental organization. It is a legal entity. All activities of ASDE are realized with governmental, municipal and public support with the aim to foster the sustainable development of Bulgaria and the successful integration in the European Union.

National Research Network (NRN)
National Research Network (NRN) is the name given to the collection of all networking services and facilities, which support the communication and information requirements of the education and research community in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Telework Association (BgTA)
The Bulgarian Telework Association (BgTA) is a non-profit and non-government organisation whose main objectives are to study, support and disseminate all forms of telework in Bulgaria in an independent way.

iCentres Association
iCentres aim to narrow the gap between today’s Bulgarian civil society and the information society, by improving the technological and information skills of citizens and businesses in rural areas and facilitating the flow of information.

Center for the Law of Information and Communication Technologies (CLICT)
The Center for the Law of ICT works under the auspices and to the benefit of Sofia University. Bulgaria's leading experts in the areas of communication and media law, e-commerce, e-government, intellectual property protection, standardization in ICT and cyber crimes were drawn to the Center.

EHealth Bulgaria Foundation
It was established with the purpose to boost the development of the e-health on a national level as a part of the electronic government of the Republic of Bulgaria. The necessity of speeding up the health reform in Bulgaria requires the development of the electronic healthcare as a cornerstone in our health system.

Bulgarian Industrial Association
The Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business (BIA) (named Bulgarian Industrial Association till 2006) is a voluntary, non - governmental organization of the Bulgarian industry, established on 25 April 1980. It is the first non – governmental organization in the former socialist block. BIA is an umbrella organization with a matrix structure, vertically representing the branch (sector) oriented organization and horizontally the regional and municipal organizations.

Union of Automation and Informatics
It is a non-governmental and non-profit society of the specialists in the field of automation and informatics in Bulgaria. Established in 1990 it includes as members the most prominent Bulgarian scientists and researchers in this field and a number of R&D and educational organisations,departments and companies all over the country.